Spordle (HCR) and Coach.ca (Loyalist Township Minor Hockey)

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First things first, you will need to create a Spordle account (sometimes referred to as HCR or Hockey Canada Registry) if you do not already have one. If you registered your child in LTMHA you will most likely have one, unless someone else took care of this.

Members Tab:
Once logged in, your Spordle profile under the "Members" section is where all of your documentation and qualifications are kept, as well as the profile information used to confirm team roster information. You will see your 13-17 digit registration number that will be needed to link any courses you take to your Spordle account.  If you registered your player(s) for hockey you will also see their profiles (and their own unique 13-17 digit registration number).

Check that your profile and those of your player(s) are up to date with a birth certificate (or copy of your health card) and drivers licence or passport (proof of residency) on file under the "documents" tab.  Even if you have uploaded these before they can get deleted when the system goes through updates. 

Also make sure you have read and signed the three mandatory waivers on the "Waivers" tab.

For Bench Staff: You will also see a green "valid background check" banner under your name in your Members profile if your background check is still valid.  If not, see our background checks page for more details on how to get a new one.  You must also upload your current background/VSC check to your Spordle profile, use the "other" option in the documents tab.

Once you've got your and your players ID documents uploaded, signed the waivers and got a valid background check uploaded you are good to go. 

This tab is where you will see any courses that you have taken that are associated with your Spordle account.

For parents of players they will see Respect in Sport for Parents (once completed).

For coaches, once they are completed, you will see the various courses that are mandated by OMHA and LTMHA.  Please check to see if you have any of the required qualifications already, you may not need to take them all if you have coached or been a trainer before.

You (in the case of bench staff) and your player(s) will not be able to be rostered until all relevant information is up to date in Spordle.



Some of the coaching courses require you to have a coach.ca account which gives you a unique NCCP#.  Courses you compete here will also link to your Spordle account.